Gigiena i Sanitariia №1 2012


Hygiene of the Environment and Localities

Martyanov V. V., Korenkov I. P. Radiological and hygienic approaches to solving the problem of environmental safety of radioactive waste storages 4
Melnichenko P. I., Svizhevsky V. A., Matveev A. A. Specific features of hygienic standardization of noise in the underground 8
Bogdanov N. A. Analysis of the informative value of integral indicators of chemical soil contamination in the evaluation of the status of areas 10
Agbalyan E. V. The content of heavy metals in foodstuffs and a health risk to the North Yamal population 14
Dvoryanov V. V. Sanitary and epidemiological evaluation of the ventilation and air-conditioning systems of public buildings 16

Occupational Hygiene

Solenova L. G. Some lessons of passportization of carcinogenic dangerous undertakings in Russia in 1999-2007 19
Khamitova R. Ya., Loskutov D. V. Occupational risk for respiratory diseases in foundry shop workers at machinery enterprises 23
Bektasova M. V. The immune status in healthcare personnel in the Primorsky Territory 26
Babanov S. A., Kosareva O. V., Vorobyeva E. V. Impact of local and general vibration on male reproductive health 27

Food Hygiene

Sergevnin V. I., Udavikhina L. S., Gorokhova S. V., Istomina L. F., Khasanov R. Kh., Sarmometov E. V., Novoselov V. G. Microbiological evaluation of chicken shawarma as a factor for Salmonella transmission 29
Myznikov I. L., Vas’ko F. V., Sadchenko S. N. Primary diagnosis of nutritional status in draftees 33

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Blinova E. G., Kuchma V. R. Fundamentals of sociohygienic monitoring of educational conditions in high school students 35
Medved L. M., Lyakhovich A. V., Kolomenskaya A. N., Mirskaya N. B., Gutman M. R. Family-school interaction in solving the problem of pupils’ health preservation 40
Poborsky A. N., Yurina M. A., Dymydyuk E. V. The psychoemotional state and autonomic heart rate regulation in students 45
Minnibayev T. Sh., Melnichenko P. I., Arkhangelsky V. I., Prokhorov N. I., Timoshenko K. T., Goncharova G. A. Sociohygienic, psychological, and pedagogical adaptation in students 48
Setko I. P., Lozinsky A. S., Bulycheva E. V. Formation of adjustment capacities in the first graders of a gymnasium 51
Rapoport I. K., Sergeyeva A. A., Chubarovsky V. V. Hygienic evaluation of educational conditions and health status in junior pupils from rural schools 53
Gritsinskaya V. L. Trends of physical developmental parameters in neonates in the Republic of Tyva 57
Mirskaya N. B., Lyakhovich A.V., Kolomenskaya A. N., Sinyakina A. D. Parents’ participation in the prevention and correction of disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system in schoolchildren 59
Stepanova M. I., Sazanyuk Z. I., Polenova, M. A., Sedova A. S., Aleksandrova I. E., Lashneva I. P., Shumkova T. V. Hygienic assessment of innovation procedures for lesson scheduling at school 64
Sumenko V. V., Boev V. M., Lebedkova S. E., Roshchupkin A. N. Children’s health status in relation to the level and nature of anthropogenic pollution 67

Preventive Toxicology and Hygienic Standardization

Mirzakarimova M. A., Iskandarova Sh. T. To the substantiation of the maximum allowable concentrations of the herbicide Dalzlak-M in ambient air 69

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Kostenko Yu. G., Sokolovа D. M., Kashintsev I. V., Sokolov M. S. Accelerated method for microbiological control of the safety of foodstuffs 72
Sukhanova S. M., Zakharova N. E., Golubenko I. A. Comparative evaluation of new commercial nutrient media for isolation of staphylococci 75
Karpova E. A., Malysheva A. G., Ermakov A. A., Sidorenkova N. K. Electrothermal atomic absorption determination of arsenic in plants and plant foods 78
Krasovsky V. O. Urgency of comparative spectral analysis of noises in sanitary inspection 81
Elikov A. V., Tsapok P. I. Relationship between the values of lipid peroxidation, lipid metabolism, and red blood cell osmotic resistance in cyclic and non-cyclic sportsmen 84


Turbinsky V. V., Trofimovich E. M., Khmelev V. A. Improvement of sanitary legislation on the use of the transboundary and boundary drinking water sources 87
Zapolnyi A. E., Belogub A. V. A new approach to regulating hydrocarbon emissions from manufacturing operations with separated oil 92


On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of T.Sh. Minnibayev 96

Important Events and Remarkable Dates

Remarkable dates of the history of hygiene and sanitation in 2012 96