Gigiena i Sanitariia №5 2012


Subject Issue on the Proceedings of the Joint Plenary Session of the Academic Boards for Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene on a topic "Updated issues of Human health and the environment and ways of solving them" (continued in N6 2012)


Problem-Solving Articles

Rakhmanin Yu. A. Updating the problems of human ecology and environmental health and the ways of solving them 4
Latyshevskaya N. I., Strekalova A. S. Ecological and hygienic problems of nanotech progress 8
Karelin A. O., Eremin, G. B., Lomtev A. Yu. Peculiarities of regulation of legal relations in the field of environmental and hygiene safety of the population in the Russian Federation at the present stage 12
Elpiner L. I. Medico-ecological approaches to the integrated management of water resources 15
Dobrokhotsky O. N., Dyatlov I. A., Orlov O. I. , Novikova N. D., Khamidullina N. M., Deshevaya E. A. Ensuring security in the study of biological samples of extraterrestrial origin as an example for mission "Phobos-Grunt" 19

Environment and Population Health

Naumenko T. E., Sokolov S. M., Shevchuk L. M., Gritsenko T. D., Pshegroda A. E., Pershin I. G. Hygienic insuring of public health care in the Republic of Belarus in the design of facilities 22
Kiku P. F, Izmailova O. A., Gorborukova T. V., Ananev, V. Yu. The influence of ecological hygiene environmental factors on the distribution of respiratory diseases in population of Primorsky Krai 25
Khripach L. V., Novikov S. M., Zykova I. E., Fedoseeva V. N., Zheleznyak E. V., Knyazeva T. D., Koganova Z. I., Makovetskaya A. K., Volkova I.F. Skvortsov, S. A., Voinova I. V., Revazova T. L., Solntseva N. V., Mislavsky O. V. Testing of the system of biochemical and immunological indices of the state of population health in the survey of residents of Moscow, exposed to ambient air pollution 30
Rakhmanin Yu. A., Zykova I. E, Fedichkina T. P., Solenova L.G. Approaches to the study of the role of water factor in the spread of Helicobacter pylori infection 35
Kaskov Yu. N., Podkorytov Yu. I. Current status and aspects of solving issues of sanitary and epidemiological well-being at the facilities of railway transport in Russia 37
Agbalyan E. V. Assessment of actual nutrition of Arctic migrants sympathoadrenal and the activity of the sympathoadrenal system 40
Efimova N. V., Bezgodov I. V., Bichev S. S., Donskikh I. V., Grebenshchikov V. I. Medical and environmental problems of long-term technogenic pollution of the soil in the Irkutsk region 42
Korsakov A. V., Troshin V. P., Mikhalev V. P. Effect of radioactive, toxic, and combined radiation and toxic pollution of the environment on the incidence of malignant neoplasms in children of the Bryansk region 45
Tadevosyan N. S., Muradyan S. A., Tadevosyan A. E., Khachatryan B. G., Chanchapanyan A. N., Parsadanyan G. G., Pogosyan S. B., Gevorgyan N. B., Guloyan A.A. - Monitoring of environmental pollution in Armenia and certain issues on reproductive health and cytogenetic status of organism 48
Kharlamova E. V., Shmandy V.M., Gal'chuk S. V. Environmental security in the region with heavy exposure to sources of manmade earthquakes 52
Chernykh A. M., Selyutina M. Yu., Goryainova I. L. Monitoring of congenital malformations in children in the Kursk region 54

Work Environment and Workers’ Health

Chebotarev P. A., Kharlashova N. V. Factors of work environment and employment of workers in production of fuels and solvents at the oil refinery 56
Bektasova M. V., Kaptsov V. A., Sheparev A. A. Prevalence and characteristics of the burnout syndrome in medical staff of oncologic and tuberculosis dispensary of Primorsky Krai 60
Denisov E. I., Prokopenko L.V., Golovaneva G. V., Stepanyan I. V. The paradigm shift in the occupational health: forecasting and causation as a basis for risk management 62
Rakhmanov R. S., Gadzhiibragimov D.A., Gladilin A.V. On prevention of a combined impact of electromagnetic radiation and climatic/weather factors on worker’s organism 66

Hygienic Rating

Kryatov I. A., Tonkopy N. I., Ushakova O. V., Vodyanova M. A. Modern Problems of development of hygienic Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) for soil pollution 69
Pinigin M.A., Budarina O.V., Safiulin A.A.. - The development of hygienic basis of odour regulation and control in ambient air and ways of harmonization in this field 72
Avaliani S. L., Novikov S. M., Shashina T. A., Skvortsova N. S., Kislitsin V. A., Mishina A. L. Problems and ways of solutions to harmonize standards for air pollution 75

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Gudinova Zh. V. On the application of elements of data mining (the detection of useful knowledge in databases) in hygienic research and social-hygiene monitoring 78
Dudchik N. V. Investigation of the properties of the soil microbial consortium as a test objects for estimation of integral toxicity 82
Sinitsyna O. O., Zadiran A. V., Artemova T. Z., Gipp E. K., Zagainova A.V., Butorina N.N. Evaluation informative indicator indicators of sanitary-epidemiological safety of swimming pools 84
Meshkov N.A. Assessment of Adaptive Response on Environmental Risk Factors: Methodological Aspects 87
Tarkhov P. V., Matsenko A. M., Kruglyak A. P., Derkach Zh.V. Provision of integrity and reliability in hygienic examination of investment projects for human capital development 91

Risk Assessment in Human Ecology

Serebryakov P. V. Using the evaluation of carcinogenic risk in the mining and metallurgical enterprises of the Arctic 95
Unguryanu T. N., Novikov S. M. Approaches to assessing the health risk under exposure to chemicals with account of age peculiarities 98
Musaev Sh. Zh., Yeliseyev Yu.Yu., Lutsevich I. N. Problem of risk of processes of increasing in the concentration of chemical pollutants in the small rivers of the Saratov region for health of the population 101
Lukicheva T.A., Fokin M.V. The public health state study as part of the risk assessment methodology 103
Stepkin Yu. I., Mamchik N. P., Platunin A. V., Kolnet I.V., Rusin V. I. Assessment of risk associated with the contamination of drinking water with chemicals to population health of the Voronezh region 105
Frolova O. A., Karpova M.V. Risk assessment of carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic effects in the use of food 107

Information, Events

Kiryanova L. F., Maksimova V. A., Nekrasova G. I. The balance of the Work of Plenum of the Research Council on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of the Russian Federation. 109
The Resolution of the Plenum of the Research Council on Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene of the Russian Federation "Updated issues of Human health and the environment and ways of solving them" 111