Gigiena i Sanitariia №6 2012


Subject Issue on the Proceedings of the Joint Plenary Session of the Academic Boards for Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene on a topic "Updated issues of Human health and the environment and ways of solving them" (see beginning in N5, 2012)


Problem-Solving Articles

Onishchenko G. G., Sheveleva S. A., Khotimchenko S. A. Hygienic substantiation of the permissible levels for tetracycline-group antibiotics in food 4
Eremin G. B., Yakubova I. Sh., Mel’tcer A. V., Chernyakina T. S. Features of the regulation of legal relations in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare in the Eurasian Economic Community Member-States 14
Meshkov N. A. Some issues concerning epidemiological аnd sanitary studies 17
Zhukova T.V., Virgasova G. A., Svintukhovsky O. A. Ways of optimization the evaluation of the level of health of healthy persons in the system of primary medical-sanitary care in relation with the social and health monitoring of public health 21
Galkin A. A. Systematization and hygienic standardization of environmental factors on the basis of common graphic models 27

Environment and Health

Rakhmanin Yu. A., Shashina T. A., Unguryanu T. N., Novikov S. M., Skvortsova N. S., Matsyuk A. V., Legostaeva T. B., Antipanova N. A. Characteristics of quantitative values of exposure of regional factors in the studied areas 30
Ingel F.I., Legostaeva T.B., Antipanova N.A., Krivtsova E.K., Urtseva N.A. System for choice of potentially carcinogenic compounds among ones, persisting in atmospheric air and having high priority for future hygienic regulation 33
Chubirko M. I., Pichuzhkina N. M., Masailova L. A., Lastochkina G. V. Assessment of the influence of socio-economic factors on health and demographic indices. 36
Kombarova M. Yu, Radilov A. S., Dulov S. A. The urgency of the application of the medical and sanitary passport in the system for chemical safety in the areas of location high-risk chemical facilities in the Russian Federation 38
Voinova I. V., Khripach L.V., Nesvizhsky Yu. V., Mukhin N. A., Gostishchev V. K., Lebedeva M. V., Zheleznyak E. V., Revazova T. L., Antonovsky Yu. A. Changes in the cytokine profile under exposure of urban air pollutants in residents with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 41
Shmandy V. M., Bezdezhnykh L. A., Kharlamova E. V. The use of waste-derived adsorbents for improvement of the human environment 44

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Safonkinа S. G., Ivanenko A. V., Kuchma A. V. Scientific and practical substantiation of the methodology for sanitary-epidemiological auditing educational institutions 46
Masnavieva L.B., Budarina L.A., Kudaeva I.V. State of common responsiveness of teenagers living in regions with the different levels of ambient air pollution 49
Tikhonova I.V., Efimova N.V. Prevalence of the chronic respiratory tract pathology in teenagers: role of some factors 51
Sakharova O. B., Kiku P. F., Gorborukova T.V. The impact of social and hygienic lifestyle factors on health status of students 54

Toxicology, experimental studies

Belyaeva N. N., Mikhailova R. I., Sycheva L. P., Savostikova O. N., Zelenkina E. A., Gasimova Z. M., Alekseeva A. V., Ryzhova I. N., Altaeva A. A. Assessing the impact of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the morphofunctional cellular state of the small intestine in mice 58
Martynova N.A., Gorokhova A.G. Toxicological indole characteristic as a basis for its hygienic bringing under regulations 61
Korchak G.I., Surmasheva E. V., Mikhienkova A.I., Nikonova N. A., Romanenko L. I., Oliynyk ZA, Gorval’ A. K., Rosada M. A. The study of antimicrobial properties of silver nanoparticles in the form of a colloidal solution in the matrix of finely dispersed silica 64

Genetic studies in hygiene

Sycheva L. P. Cytogenetic monitoring for assessment of safety of environmental health 68
Savchenko Ya. A., Minina V. I., Bakanova M. L. Chromosomal aberrations and genetic polymorphism in the xenobiotics detoxification and DNA repair enzymes genes in fuel and energy complex employers 73
Tel’nov V. I. Interaction of genetic and radiation factors in the realization of effects of radiation in humans 75

Methods of Hygienic Studies

Drozdova E. V. Cypridopsis vidua as a test-model for the assessment of the toxicity of chemical substances, their mixtures and objects of the environment 78
Alferov V. P. Stereotypes of adaptive adjustment of the organism and their manifestations in the structure of morbidity in population and professional groups 81
Chernykh A. M., Kirichuk E. S. The possibility of using neural networks for the 3d visualization of hygienic studies of the health state on the example of the physical development of the child population. 84
German S. V., Modestova A. V., Ermakov N. V. To the problem of evaluation of public health: screening for gastroduodenal pathology on the example of atrophic gastritis in mass medical examination of the population 85

Microbiological studies in hygiene

Tul’skaya E. A., Rakhmanin Yu. A., Zholdakova Z. I. Justification of both safety indices for control over the use of chemicals for water disinfection and need to harmonize them with international requirements 88
Maksimkina T. N., Artemova T. Z., Kuznetsova N. A., Sinitsyna O. O., Butorina N. N., Yuzhakova O. A., Krasnyak A.V., Gipp E. K., Zagainova A.V. Study of the conditions for improvement of effectivity of photo disinfection of water from bacterial contaminants in the presence of heterogeneous sensitizers based on phthalocyanines grafted to aminopropyl silicagel 91
Zhuravlev P.V., Aleshnya V.V., Panasovets O. P., Morozova A. A., Artemova T. Z., Talaeva Yu. G. Zagainova A.V., Gipp E.K. The value of coliform bacteria and potentially pathogenic bacteria as indicators of epidemiological safety of tap water 95