Gigiena i Sanitariia №2 2013

Abstracts of the articles


Problem-Solving Articles

Onishchenko G. G. On sanitary and epidemiological state of the environment 4

Hygiene of the environment and localities

Klochkova N. V., Korenkov I. P., Lashchenova T. N. Algorithm for complex control and the radiation-hygienic evaluation of the quality of underground drinking water in the Moscow region 11
Fedoseeva V. N., Makovetskaya A. K., Mislavsky O. V. Pseudoallergic states 16
Egorova N. A., Bukshuk A.A., Krasovskiy G. N. Hygienic assessment of drinking water chlorination by-products in view of multiroute exposure 18
Ivanov A. V., Davletova N. Kh., Tafeeva E. A. Analysis of modern views on the migration of polymeric substances from the packaging into the drinking water during storage and their influence on living organisms 25
Samutin N. M., Vaisman Ya. I., Rudakova L. V., Kalinina E. V., Glushankova I. S., Batrakova G. M. Sanitary and hygienic assessment of waste of soda production 30

Occupational Hygiene

Bektasova M. V., Kaptsov V. A., Sheparev A. A. Cellular immunity in health care workers with occupational asthma and obstructive bronchitis 34
Babanov S. A., Vorobyova E. V. Features of the psychoemotional disorders in patients due to exposure to local and general vibration 36
Amirov N. Kh., Ilyukhin N. E., Rusin M. N., Krasnoshchekova V. N. Working conditions and professional risk for operational personnel of energy facilities 39
Bektasova M. V., Kaptsov V. A., Sheparev A. A. Modern structure of incidence rates of tuberculosis in health care medical workers in Primorsky Krai 42

Nutrition Hygiene

Maksimov S. A., Ivanova O. A., Zinchuk S. F. The use of factor analysis in determining the dietary patterns in the population 45
Kicha D. I., Maksimenko L. V., Drozhzhina N. A., Fedotova N. N. Orientation of University students to sources of information on rational nutrition 48
Kulikova N. V., Samolyuk N. G., Fedotov A. S., Krotenko N. M. Rational balanced nutrition of schoolchildren of various age groups 52
Dotsenko V. A., Kononenko I. A. A new type of bread in the diet of healthy and sick person 55

Hygiene of Children and Adolescents

Bannikova L. P., Sebirzyanov M. D. Biological adaptation of children of preschool age with retardation of mental development (RMD) in conditions of pre-school correctional educational institutions 58
Makhrova I. A., Ivashchenko I. N. The hygiene of clothing for children and adolescents with obesity on the basis of characteristics of heat exchange 61
Verzilina I. N., Churnosov M. I., Evdokimov V. I. Multifactorial analysis of the impact of pesticides on the gynecologic rate in adolescents in the Belgorod region 67
Tulyakova O. V. The influence of ecological and socio-biological risk factors on the course of for pregnancy, birth, and fetal state 71
Preventive toxicology and hygienic rating  
Zholdakova Z. I., Sheina N. I., Ivanov N. G. Hygienic standardization of biotechnological strains in water reservoirs: current state and perspectives 74
Methods of Hygienic Studies  
Vasileva S. V., Streltsova D. A. Use of advances in fundamental science in the development of methods of biological dosimetry of nitric oxide (NO) (Literature review) 79
Zatsepina O. V., Stekhin A. A., Yakovleva G. V. Ion-radical oxygen species the main indicator reflecting of the electron-donating ability of water 83
Trushkov V. F., Perminov K. A., Sapozhnikova V. V., Ignatova O. L. Assessment the relationship of properties of chemical compounds and their toxicity to a unified hygienic standardization for chemicals 87

Materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists "Environment and Health. Young scientists for sustainable development of the country in the Global World"

Dushkova D. O. Medico-geographical analysis of the territory: the experience of research in the European North of Russia 91
Gorbacheva M. V., Golubeva I. Yu., Kuznetsova T. G. Diagnostics of the psychophysiological status in pre-school children with different level of anxiety on basis of the heart rhythm analysis 95
Rubin V. M., Il'yukova I. I., Kremko L. M., Prismotrov Yu. A., Samsonova A. S., Volod'ko I. K., Lukashev O. V. Hygienic substantiation of maximum permissible concentrations of oil products in the soils of the Republic of Belarus 99
Antropov K. M., Varaksin A. N. Methodology of the description of atmospheric air pollution by nitrogen dioxide by Land Use Regression method in Ekaterinburg 102


Decision of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists "Environment and Health. Young scientists for sustainable development of the country in the Global World" 105


On the 85th anniversary of the academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Gennady Ivanovich Rumyantsev 107


Guidelines for authors 110