Zdravookhranenie Rossiyskoy Federatsii №2 2013


Izmerov N.F., Tikhonova G.I., Churanova A.N., Gorchakova T.Yu.
The conditions, occupational safety and on-the-job traumatism in Russia
Vyalkov A.I., Glukhova E.A., Potyemkin E.L.
The approaches to measurement and the tools of assessment of scientifi c innovative activities potential
Sabgayda T.P., Roshchin D.O., Sekryeru E.M., Nikitina S.Yu.
The quality of coding the causes of death because of diabetes mellitus in Russia
Tzybikova E.B.
On the causes of death of for the first time identifi ed patients with lung tuberculosis
Suponeva N.A., Piradov M.A., Gnedovskaya E.V.
The Guillain-Barré syndrome in cities of the Russian Federation: epidemiology,diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities of regional polyclinics
he Saratov research institute of traumatology and orthopedics of Minzdrav of Russia T, aratov S,
The criteria of selection of patients with pathology of locomotor apparatus to provide high-tech medical care
Karyakin N.N., Mukhin P.V.
The system analysis of factors in public health
Lyakhovich A.V., Lozovskaya A.S.
The methodological and ideological approaches to hygienic training and antinarcotic education in comprehensive secondary schools
Lyapunova E.V., Popova I.V., Tokarev A.N., Belyakov V.A.
The evaluation of impact of education in "The asthma school" upon the quality of life of children with bronchial asthma
Shestakov G.S., Baysultanov I.Kh.
The state and dynamics of health of children visiting preschool educational institutions
Shestakov G.S., Baysultanov I.Kh.
The actual issues of the resource support and optimization of management of the acute medical care station of municipality in rural area
Petrova E.I., Mikityuk E.N., Karausheva L.E., Efanova L.V.
The experience of application of medical and organizational innovations in the Ryazan oblast clinical perinatal center
Prytyko A.G., Prytyko D.A.
About the issue of intensifi cation of bed stock of multi-type children hospital

History of public health and medicine

The remarkable and jubilee dates of history of public health of Russia in 2013

Letters to the Editor

About the issue of organization of diagnostics of neoplasms of sphenoidal sinus