Zdravookhranenie Rossiyskoy Federatsii №6 2013


Onishchenko G.G., Simkalova L.M., Tebiyev S.A.
About measures concerning implementation of the Federal law "On the defense of rights of juridical persons and individual entrepreneurs under implementation of public control and supervision and municipal control"
Reshetnikov V.A., Skvirskaya G.P., Syrtsova L.E., Kosagovskaya I.I., Boyarskiy S.G.
The conceptual handlings of training of specialists in the fi eld of health management
Bant’eva M.N., Prilipko N.S.
The standard support of ambulatory stage of care in medical rehabilitation to adult population of Russia
Takhauov R.M., Kalinkin D.E., Karpov A.B., Varlakov M.A., Samoylova Yu.A., , ,
The disease of blood circulation system in formation of health losses in population of industrial city
Prilipk 1N.S., Bant’yev 2M.N.
The need of adult population of Russia in medical rehabilitation in out-patient conditions
Polivanova T.V., Manchuk V.T., Vshivkov V.A.
Monitoring of pathology of gastro-duodenal zone in schoolchildren of Republic of Tyva
Syrneva T.A., Malishevskaya N.P.
The syphilis morbidity of children in the Russian Federation: dynamics, level, epidemiology, behavioral aspects

The materials of reports of scientifi c practical conference of young scientists and specialists of the F.F. Erisman Federal research center of hygiene “The research potential of young scientists in resolving problems of hygiene safety of population of Russia” (Moscow, November 20 2013)

Konovalov I.M.
The evaluation of risk of disorders of immune status of population in conditions of anthropotechnogenic burden
Melent’ev A.V.
The stratifi cation of cardio-vascular risk in workers of noise and vibration harmful professions
Zvezdin V.N., Akaf’eva T.I.
The hygienic evaluation of aerogenic impact of nickel on the processes of adaptation in children
Kutakova N.S.
Методический подход к оценке состояния здоровья работающих во вредных условиях труда
Laponova E.D.
The preventive capabilities of gender approach in education process
Migacheva A.G.
The state of labor conditions and their impact on health of vegetable-growing workers of secure soil

Correspondence with editor

Styepkin Yu.I., Gaydukova E.P.
The issues of support of hygienic safety in the system of management of waste on the territory of the Voronezh oblast
Gaibov A.G., Pulotov K.D., Pirova A.Kh., Lukyanov N.B., Nazarova S.I.
The epidemiological approaches to investigation of risk factors of non-infectious diseases

About the article by A.I. Romanov and S.A. Romanov “The refl ixions apropos of actual issues of clinical rehabilitology (30th years’ experience of practice)”


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