Anesteziologiya i Reanimatologiya №3 2008

4 Nadiradze Z. Z., Gvak G. V., Bakhareva Yu. A., Domansky A. V. The first experience in using of sevorane in the Ikrutsk Cardiosurgical Center    | Summary
7 Gapochkina I. N., Kiselev V. O., Shipulin V. M., Yevtushenko A. V., Ponomarenko I. V. Evaluation of myocardial metabolism during prolonged blood cardioplegic perfusion in the surgery of acquired heart diseases
10 Lomivorotov V. V., Shmyrev V. A., Yefremov S. M. Efficiency of the use gelofusine and voluven in acute normovolemic hemodilution during cardiosurgical interventions    | Summary
13 Smorodnikov A. A., Yudytsky V. A. Reduced gas-flow inhalational anesthesia in traumatology and orthopedics    | Summary
17 Babayants A. V., Churadze B. T., Shiryaev M. I., Gelfand B. R. Comparative analysis of the efficiency and safety of different types of neuroaxial blocks during total hip replacement    | Summary
20 Shapovalov K. G., Burdinsky Ye. N., Stepanov A. V. Optimization of the components of regulation of vascular tone and microcirculatory hemostasis during prolonged regional block in local cold injury    | Summary
22 Yelizaryeva N. L., Rovina A. K., Levin O. B., Kolosov A. N. Submental tracheal intubation is an alternative to tracheostomy at oral surgery    | Summary
25 Shodiyev I. A., Sviridov S. V., Ismailova Z. Z., Kozlov V. F., Bakushin V. S., Smoltsov Ye. Yu. Assessment of the parameters of protein-energy deficiency in surgical patients with extensive purulent soft tissue wounds    | Summary
29 Tsilina S. V., Govorova N. V., Dolgikh V. T., Lukach V. N., Maksimishin S. V., Glushchenko A. V. Clinical significance of the parameters of a systemic inflammatory response, leukocytic intoxication index, and procalcitonin test in the diagnosis of pyodestructive pyelonephritis of pregnant women    | Summary
32 Kuzmin V. V., Gusev Ye. Yu., Yurchenko L. N. Early postoperative systemic inflammatory response in patients with lower extremity atherosclerotic gangrene     | Summary
35 Lukach V. N., Malkov O. A., Girsh A. O. Immunological parameters in diabetic patients with septic shock    | Summary
38 Rei S. I., Aleksandrova I. V., Khvatov V. B., Bulava G. V., Godkov M. A., Borovkova N. V., Fedorova N. V., Abakumov M. M. Immunological aspects of the early aspects of extracorporeal hemocorrection techniques in the complex therapy of purulent mediastinitis    | Summary
43 Churlyaev Yu. A., Lukashyov K. V., Martynenkov V. Ya., Chepizhko S. Ya., Voyevodin S. V. External respiratory function in patients with spinal cord damage at the cervical and thoracic levels    | Summary
46 Malkov O. A., Moroz V. V., Dolgikh V. T., Lukach V. N., Girsh A. O. Impact of postoperative early enteral feeding on hemodynamics, oxygen and nutritive status in patients with colonic malignancies concurrent with type 2 diabetes mellitus    | Summary
49 Lisagors I. L. Use of hyperbaric oxygenation as a component of intensive care in acute pancreatitis and its impact on homeostasis and intensity of oxidative stress    | Summary
54 Ponomareva I. A., Vorobyeva N. A. Epidemiology of pulmonary thromboembolism as evidenced by autopsies    | Summary
58 Bunyatyan A. A., Vyzhigina M. A., Sizova Zh. M. Conceptual and methodological rationales for the use of innovational and traditional educational technologies for the postgraduate training of physicians in the area of anesthesiology and reanimatology    | Summary
63 Sizova Zh. M., Vyzhigina M. A., Bunyatyan A. A. Main points of the modular approach to developing educational programs for the postgraduate training of physicians in the area of anesthesiology and reanimatology    | Summary
67 Alekhnovich A. V., Syuch N. I., Ivanov V. B., Livanov A. S., Ilyashenko K. K. Nonspecific resistance in psychotic poisoning complicated with pneumonias     | Summary
69 Govorin A. V., Vitkovsky Yu. A., Rutskina Ye. A., Solpov A. V., Sokolova N. A., Boiko Ye. V., Zherebtsova S. V., Tataurov D. B., Khludneva I. D., Shishenkov D. N. Lymphocyte-platelet adhesion and the content of D-dimers in patients with acute acetic acid poisoning    | Summary
71 Solovyev L. A. Postoperative consciousness disorders in geriatric patients