Hygiene and Sanitation №2 2008

Onishchenko G. G.

Topical problems in the provision of the Russian Federation’s population with sanitary-and-epidemiological well-being 

The most important political and organizational events considerably affecting the strategy and tactics of prevention of infectious diseases may be called at the Summit of Eight (Saint Petersburg) that has considered the problem of consolidation of the world community’s efforts in counteracting the prevalence of infectious diseases, as well as the adopted specific decisions on this matter; development of a concept of financial provision of Russian initiatives in the control of infectious diseases and its realization by the Government of the Russian Federation; implementation of the national priority health project on the additional mass immunization against rubella, influenza, poliomyelitis, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis B and C; implementation of regional and federal programs on the population’s sanitary-and-epidemiological well-being; further improvement and development of a legal and standard basis in the control of infectious diseases; reorganization of a state sanitary-and-epidemiological service on a large scale; conferment of the status of a poliomyelitis-free country and a WHO certificate to the Russian Federation; development and implementation of the national action plan to maintain the achieved results; implementation of the national program in eradicating measles in the Russian Federation; implementation of complex measures against the importation and spread of revived particularly dangerous infections, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome and avian influenza and preparation of the population for a possible influenza pandemic; establishment of an executive headquarters to coordinate activities against the prevalence of avian influenza in the Russian Federation; making decisions, with the results of a meeting of the Russian Federation’s State Council being kept in mind, on the intensification and coordination of activities aimed at counteracting the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation, by setting up a governmental commission; involvement in the solution of biological safety problems in accordance with the "Foundations of public chemical and biological safety policy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2000 and further prospects" approved by the President of the Russian Federation; implementation of measures for sanitary area control within the framework of the goal-oriented federal program "The State Boundary of the Russian Federation" (2003-2010).