Hygiene and Sanitation №2 2008

Rembovsky V. R., Mogilenkova L. A.

Evaluation of the population’s health: Medicohygienic aspects

Fundamental medical and hygienic principles should be used to stratify the health status of Russia’s population. Human health should be ranked, by taking into account both contributors, lifestyle, and gender, age groups, ethnicity, occupation, etc.
For grading human beings, a classification of the human health status has been developed depending on acting harmful and hazardous factors. The classification involves 7 health classes: normal, adapted, borderline, pathological nonspecific (predominantly systemic chronic diseases with temporary disability), pathological specific (occupational and endemic diseases, occupational accidents, etc. with temporary disability), permanent disability (first-to-third degrees), and prefatal conditions. Class health ranking may be used for comparative assessment, and making managerial decisions on health protection of various population groups.