Hygiene and Sanitation №3 2008

Mun S. A., Larin S. A., Glushkov A. N., Zinchuk S. F., Chukhrov Yu. S., Magarill Yu. A., Baibulatov R. A.

Impact of atmospheric by-product-coking emission on malignancy morbidity

A statistically significant direct strong correlation was found and an interval was determined between the annual volumes of atmospheric emission from OAO "KOKS" and the standardized (lung, gastric, skin, thyroid, breast, and ovarian) malignancy morbidity rates in Kemerovo. There were gender differences in the incidence of malignancies. The calculated regression coefficients can predict a probable rise in malignancy morbidity in Kemerovo from 2010 due to the increased volumes of atmospheric emission by OAO "KOKS" since 2001.