Hygiene and Sanitation №3 2008

Sidorov P. I., Solovyev A. G., Novikova I. A.

The burnout syndrome in communicative professional workers 

To study the specific features of the burnout syndrome (BOS) in communicative professional workers, the authors examined 138 communicative workers (94 females and 44 males); of them there were 51 physical education masters, 43 elementary school teachers, 20 consulting shop assistants, and 24 legal officers.
BOS was detected in more than two thirds of elementary school teachers and more than a third of physical education masters, consulting shop assistants, legal officers, and practitioners. The completely developed BOS was most frequently encountered in elementary school teachers (in every four individuals), slightly less frequently in practitioners, consulting shop assistants, and legal officers (in every ten persons). The highest BOS levels were observed in elementary school teachers having a service length of less than 5 years and in legal officers and practitioners having a service length of more than 10 years.
The paper provides evidence for the expediency of complex preventive measures for the representatives of these professions and for psychological support of their professional activities.