Hygiene and Sanitation №3 2008

Khokhlova Ye. A., Tolmacheva A. Yu.

Analysis of dietary intake in preschool children from Cheboksary 

The purpose of the study was to analyze the diets of preschool children going to infant schools (IS) in Cheboksary and to evaluate their provision with calcium and phosphorus. For this, the authors developed the serum content of calcium and phosphorus, the indices of children’s physical development, the levels of macro- and micronutrients, and calorie content by the calculation method and chemical analytical method and quantities of calcium and phosphorus in the IS food allowances. Our studies using the calculation and chemical analytical methods revealed differences in the content of macroelements. In the children being examined, the serum levels of calcium complied with the normal values; 59% of the children were found to have mild hypophospathemia attributable to inadequate phosphorus amount in the diet. The study showed it necessary to correct the quantities of calcium and phosphorus in the children’s diets.