Hygiene and Sanitation №3 2008

Moskovkin A. S., Sotnikov Ye. Ye., Gaziyev G. A.

Chromatographic mass-spectrometric determination of the air content of styrene, phenol, and naphthalene

A selective chromatographic mass-spectrometric procedure was developed to determine of air styrene, phenol, and naphthalene in the concentration range of 0.001-0.05 mg/m3, Analysis used preconcentration of the compounds on a solid sorbent, followed by thermal desorption into the capillary column of a chromatograph. Qualitative and quantitative measurements of concentrations were carried out by the characteristics chosen for each compound. The maximum relative measurement error in 1-2-liter air sampling was ±23% at a 0.95 significant confidence. The analytic procedure was tested on real objects.