Hygiene and Sanitation №3 2008

Boyev V. M., Kolesnikov B. L., Yekimov A. K.

Assessment of demographic and sociohygienic monitoring

Experience in solving specific problems in sociohygienic monitoring shows that among risk factors, health losses are most commonly considered from the man-caused environmental load on the population, by employing statistical modeling methods and reports on monitoring socioeconomic risk factors are evidently insufficient. A cause-effect relation in the habitat-population health system should be revealed, by taking into account the combined multienvironmental influence of man-caused (chemical, physical) and social factors.
For solution of the problems put in work, multivariate analysis was used to reveal the common mechanisms of an association of socioeconomic conditions, national composition, morbidity and disability rates, migration processes, and demographic structure with birth and mortality rates in villagers in the context of economic areas and municipal entities.