Hygiene and Sanitation №5 2008

Verzilina I. N., Agarkov N. M., Churnosov M. I.

Examining the impact of solar activity on the incidence of congenital malformations 

The investigation revealed statistically significant positive and negative correlations between the impact of solar activity (SA) and the incidence of congenital malformations (CM). As SA decreased, the incidence of multiple CM, defects of the musculoskeletal system, and those as a whole increased, but among the nosological entities, there was a rise in the prevalence of diaphragmatic hernia and omphalocele. At the same time, increased SA determines the higher incidence of abnormalities of the central nervous system, sensory organs, face and neck, anencephalies, and cleft lips. The maximum influence of SA was established for CM of the skin (56.25%), face and neck (53.46%); and among the nosological entities of CM that was for the cleft lip (60.65%) and cerebrospinal hernia (46.51%).