Hygiene and Sanitation №5 2008

Lekhanova Ye. N., Kirilyuk L. I., Buganov A. A., Zakharina T. N., Bakhtina Ye. A., Lebedeva I. N.

Naturally caused imbalance of elements in the population of the Yamal Region (a review)

The study has indicated that microelementosis in the natives and newcomers of Yamal is caused by the geochemical features of the region and supplemented by inadequate zinc intake. The region’s waters differ in their hygienic standards and high levels of iron and the air is characterized by the latter’s deficiency. Fe is ingested equally with water and foodstuffs while Cu and Zn are mainly with foods. The trace element status of the newcomers is considerably close to that in the natives of the North and associated with the chemical composition of the region’s waters.