Hygiene and Sanitation №5 2008

Poborsky A. N., Yurina M. A., Lopatskaya Zh. N.

The functional state and adaptive possibilities of students under poor environmental conditions 

The paper considers the results of evaluating the functional capacities of the cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems in students before studying at a higher educational establishment under poor conditions of the Middle Ob Region. Among the first-year students, there was a preponderance of persons with impaired adaptive mechanisms (64% of the examinees), which was attended by a varying increase in the activity of the sympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system. In young males, poor adaptations were 1.6 times more common than those in girls. In female students, the detected tension of regulatory systems was less marked than in male students. The findings make it necessary to monitor long the health status of students and to implement prophylactic measures during education.