Hygiene and Sanitation №2 2009

Goncharova G. A., Nadezhdin D. S.

Development of sociopsychological adaptation of schoolchildren and vocational school pupils

The purpose of this study was to comparatively analyze the influence of family factors on social and psychological adaptation and achievement motivation in pupils from general education schools and in their coevals from vocational educational schools (VES).
An experimental study was conducted in 10th-form pupils from a number of Moscow schools and persons of the same age who were one-year course pupils from a Moscow VES. A total of 242 pupils, including 130 schoolchildren and 112 one-year course pupils from the VES, were examined. The social and psychological adaptation questionnaire developed by K. Rodgers and R. Diamond was used to estimate achievement motivation by the Mehrabian test.
The performed study confirmed the negative impact of poor family relations on pupils’ sociological and psychological adaptation independently of the type of a general educational establishment. The high maternal educational level had a good effect on the adaptability of schoolchildren, that of boys in particular, whereas the paternal educational status is of the same value to VES pupils. Family relations and maternal and paternal education levels significantly affect the formation of achievement motive in pupils and their social and psychological adaptation as a whole.

Key Words: pupils from general education schools and vocational educational schools, sociopsychological adaptation, achievement motivation

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