Hygiene and Sanitation №2 2009

Yegorova A. M.

Assessment of a occupatiental risk for abnormalities of the urinary and hepatobiliary systems and the reproductive health status in metallurgists 

Two hundred metallurgists and 190 administrators underwent comprehensive examination to assess a risk for abnormalities of the excretory and reproductive function systems: an urologist’s examination, ultrasonography, urinalysis, and serum tests. Spermograms and testosterone levels were studied to evaluate reproductive function. Major biochemical functions of the liver were investigated. The metallurgists were ascertained to be at high risk for urogenital and hepatobiliary diseases. The maximum prevalence of urolithiasis was noted in steel founders and rollers. The criteria for early diagnosis and a risk for urolithiasis in metallurgists may include elevated blood uric acid levels and a higher resistance index. There was reproductive dysfunction, namely: increased spermatic viscosity, reduced motility of spermatozoa, lower testosterone levels.

Key Words: urolithiasis, reproductive function, occupational risks

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