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Vol 60, № 6 (2015)


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Protein kinase C expression following remote ischemic preconditioning in cardiac surgery PDF
Bautin Andrey E., Galagudza M.M., Tashkhanov D.M., Datsenko S.V., Marichev A.O., Kostareva A.A., Kravchuk E.N., Bakanov A.Yu., Gordeev M.L. 4-8
Efficacy and safety of lung recruitment maneuver in patients with different peripheral chemoreflex sensitivity PDF
Trembach N.V., Zabolotskikh Igor B. 8-11
Characteristics of surface electromyography and acid-base balance in patients with intensive care unit-acquired weakness PDF
Mejgal Aleksandr Yu., Tretjakova O.G., Spasova A.P. 12-16
Anatomical and physiological justification of enteral oxygenotherapy PDF
Belikov V.L., Mazurok Vadim A. , Slivin O.A., Zavojskih E.V. 16-21
Goal-directed fluid therapy in severe concomitant trauma PDF
Konkaev Aidos K., Gurbanova E.I., Mynbaeva Z.N. 21-24
The place of “remaxol” as hepatoprotector and antioxidant within the intensive therapy of generalized peritonitis PDF
Orlov Yury P. , Lukach V.N., Govorova N.V., Glushhenko A.V., Dmitriva O.D. 24-29
Efficiency of serotonin adipinate in intestinal dysfunction in patients after colorectal operations PDF
Stakanov A.V., Musaeva Tatiana S. 29-32
Gender differences of early postaggressive response of hemostasis system during acute destructive pancreatitis PDF
Samigulina Gulnara Rinadovna, Spiridonova E.A., Rojtman E.V., Samsonova N.N., Klimovich L.G., Varnavin O.A., Pasko V.G., Makarov R.V., Lagutin M.B. 33-35


Stages of opioid therapy of chronic pain in russia: ancient and coming PDF
Osipova Nadezhda A., Novikov G.A., Vajsman M.A., Palehov A.V., Rudoj S.V., Prohorov B.M., Isakova M.E. 35-38
Opioid-free anesthesia, analgesia and sedation in surgery of head and neck tumors PDF
Balandin Vladimir V. , Gorobec E.S. 39-42
Perioperative epidural analgesia inlung surgery in low functional respiratory reservepatients PDF
Gruzdev Vadim Evgen’evich, Gorobets E.S. 43-46
Preemptive analgesia as part of multicomponent anesthesia in children with operations in the nasal cavity and nasopharynx PDF
Ivlev Evgeny V., Bojko E.A., Ruban E.A., Butov O.V., Grigorev E.V. 46-49


Possibility of correction of metabolic disorders with reamberin in acute period of traumatic injury PDF
Gerasimov L.V., Marchenkov Yuri V. , Volkov D.P., Rodionov E.P., Izmajlov V.V. 50-54
Comparative study of tactic with surgical fixation for closed thoracic trauma: intensivists opinion, economic aspects PDF
Shen' Natali P., Davydova N.S., Boltaev P.G., Lukin S.Yu., Ushakov S.A., Skorohodova L.A., Muhacheva S.Yu., Vasilenko P.B. 54-58


New technique of spinal anesthesia with epidural volume extension for caesaren section in pregnant women with concomitant cardiac pathology PDF
Sitkin S.I., Ronenson Alexander Michailovich, Saveleva Yu.V. 58-61


A case of severe amlodipine poisoning PDF
Spasova Arina P. , Loginov A.V., Yurovickij V.L., Barysheva O.Yu., Strategopulo V.A. 61-64


Volemic status and the phasic approach to the treatment of critical states - new opportunites and prospects PDF
Kuzkov Vsevolod V., Fot E.V., Smjotkin A.A., Lebedinskii K.M., Kirov M.Yu. 65-70
Effects of xenon anesthesia on hemodynamics: what do we know until 2015? PDF
Kulikov Aleksey Yu. , Kuleshov O.V., Lebedinskii K.M. 71-74
Central anticholinergic... syndrome? PDF
Danilov M.S., Lebedinskii Konstantin M. 75-78

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