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Vol 21, № 1 (2017)


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Esophageal atresia as a component of vacterl association PDF
Kozlov Yuri Andreevich, Zvonkov D.A., Timofeev A.D., Koval’kov K.A., Chubko D.M., Mikhailov N.I., Baradieva P.Zh., Us G.P., Kuznetsova N.N. 4-10
Surgical treatment of children with perforated gastric and duodenal ulcers PDF
Sokolov Yuri Yur’evich, Korovin S.A., Tumanyan G.T., Donskoy D.V., Shuvalov M.E., Allakhverdiev I.S., Dzyadchik A.V., Stonogin S.V. 10-14
Selected characteristics of hemostasis in various basins of the vascular bed of children with chronic renal insufficiency PDF
Ikromov Turakhon Sharbatovich, Muradov A.M., Ibodov Kh.I., Azizov B.D. 14-19
Surgical treatment of children with pancreonecrosis PDF
Chepurnoy Gennady Ivanovich, Katsupeev V.B., Chepurnoy M.G., Matveev O.L., Leiga A.V. 19-23
Diagnostics and treatment of cystic adenomatous lung malformation in children PDF
Mashkov A.S., Shcherbina Vera Il’inichna, Stashuk G.A., Slesarev V.V., Gaganov L.E., Druzyk E.Z., Vinokurova E.N. 23-27
Surgical correction of rectovaginal forms of anorectal malformations PDF
Ergashev N.Sh., Otamuradov Furkat Abdukarimovich 28-31
Diagnostic criteria for the stages of latent ischemia in Legg-Calve-Perthes disease PDF
Shabaldin N.A., Kravets E.M., Shebaldin A.V., Utkin V.A., Gorskova S.V., Golovkin Sergei Ivanovich 31-37


Endovideosurgical interventions for the treatment of pathology of ureterovesical junction in children PDF
Vrublevsky Artem Sergeevich, Poddubny I.V. 38-41


Secondary interventions after surgical treatment of Hirschsprung's disease in children PDF
Ionov Andrey L’vovich, Gogina A.A., Sulavko Ya.P. 42-46


Two-step resection of the liver (ALLPS) in a child with giant embryonic sarcoma PDF
Sidorov D.V., Ryabov Andrei Borisovich, Vrublevsky S.G., Trunov V.O., Lozhkin M.V., Glazunov A.A., Gorokhov D.V., Mordvin P.A., Manukyan S.R., Gurzo Yu.D. 47-50
Experience with surgical treatment of isolated duplication cyst involving the posterior wall of the cardiac part of the stomach PDF
Frolov Evgeny Aleksandrovich, Levochkin S.P., Nazarova I.M., Galitsa V.V. 50-51
Congenital direct inguinal hernia in a child PDF
Lapshin V.I., Razin Maksim Petrovich, Smirnov A.V., Baturov M.A. 52-53
Complete traumatic rupture of diaphragmatic cupola with dislocation of abdominal organs PDF
Malanov Sergey Vyacheslavovich, Petrov M.M., Otroshok E.V. 53-55


Oleg Alekseevich Malakhov PDF

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