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The strategy for the surgical treatment of femoral fractures in polytrauma


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The review describes peculiarities of the choice of time and methods of osteosynthesis offemur fractures of different localization in patients with multiple injuries in accordance with modern concepts of treatment of severe multiple and associated lesions. Analysis of domestic and foreign literature shows that earlyfixation of the femur in case of polytrauma can reduce the mortality rate associated with complications and improve the functional outcome. Terms of osteosynthesis of the femur in polytrauma should be chosen taking into account the severity of the injury, the patient's condition, and the period of traumatic disease. The procedure of osteosynthesis must not be a threat to the clinical condition. The choice of the method for fixation of the femur depends of fracture type and location, the presence of fractures in the adjacent and remote segments. The minimally invasive techniques of osteosynthesis of the femur and staged surgical treatment of the victims in an unstable state should be chosen for the treatment of multiple injury in accordance with the concept of «Damage Control Orthopedics».

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