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Figurovsky A.P., I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University Saint-Petersburg, 191015, Russian Federation

Filatov V.N., I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University 191015, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Filatova Olga V., Altai State University Barnaul, 656099, Russian Federation MD, PhD, DSci, associate professor, professor of the Department of Zoology and Physiology of the Altai State University ol-fil@mail.ru

Filimonov S.N., Novokuznetsk State Institute of Postgraduate Medicine Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation, 654041

Filin A.S., I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation

Filippova Sofya P., Altai State Medical University Barnaul, Russian Federation, 656038 sofya.filippova@mail.ru

Filippova T.M., Angarsk State Technical University Angarsk, 665835, Russian Federation

Filippova Z.A., N.N. Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University Voronezh, 394036, Russian Federation

Filonova A.A., A.I. Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center of FMBA of Russia 23, Marshala Novikova Str., 123098, Moscow, Russian Federation

Filonova Anna Aleksanrovna, A. I. Burnazyan Federal medical biophysical centre Moscow anflvet@gmail.com

Fink A.D., Omsk State Agrarian University Omsk, 644008, Russian Federation

Fleishman A.N., Research Institute for Complex Problems of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases Novokuznetsk, 654041, Russian Federation

Fokin M. V.,

Fokin M.V., Ltd. Project Office"Center for Environmental Initiatives", Moscow

Fokin V.A., Federal Scientific Center for Medical and Preventive Health Risk Management Technologies Perm, Russian Federation, 614045

Fomenko S.E., V.I. Ilichev Pacific Oceanological Institute, Vladivostok, 690041, Russian Federation; https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0261-0190

Fomin A.A., A.I. Burnazyan Federal Medical Biophysical Centre Moscow, 123182, Russian Federation

Fomin M.V., I.I. Mechnikov North-Western State Medical University Saint-Petersburg, 191015, Russian Federation

Fomina M.A., Ryazan State Medical University 390026, Ryazan, Russian Federation

Fomina S.F., Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University Kazan, Russian Federation, 420012 Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology

Fomina Yu.N., Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare Nizhny Novgorod, 603005, Russian Federation

Frants M.V., FGBOU VO «Ufa State Aviation Technical University» 450008, Ufa, Russian Federation

Fridman K.B., North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation, 191015

Friedman K.B., North-West Public Health Research Center St. Petersburg, 191036, Russian Federation

Frizyuk M.A., The Marzeev Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology Kiev, Ukraine, 02660

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