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Changing of physico-chemical parameters of non-contact (electrochemical) activated drinking water is associated with induction of genomic instability of cultivated human blood lymphocytes


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In the article there are presented data which are the fragment of large multidisciplinary study of genetic safety of noncontact electrochemically activated water (NAW). The aim of this study was the analysis of the relation of impacts of genomic instability (micronucleus test with cytochalasin B) detected in human blood cells, cultured in medias prepared on the base of these NAWs, with physical and chemical properties of these NaWs. In experiments there were used catholytes and anolytes obtained by activation of osmotic, tap and dining bottled water. As a result of such activation, all waters were shown to acquire the ability to induce genomic instability in cellular cultures. Notably in cell cultures on catholytes and anolytes these effects differed between themselves and have been associated with different physical and chemical properties of the NAWs.

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