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Elements of a systematic approach to hygienic regulation of xenobiotics


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Hygienic standardization (HS) of chemicals remains to be the one of the effective ways to ensure chemical safety of the population. At that hygienic standards (such as maximum allowable concentrations - MACs) are interrelated and aggregated into the coherent systems. Therefore, the task of the study was in establishment of the logic of interstandard relations between the existing standards and actualization of legitimate relations of the interrelations such as MAC/MAC (i.e., to systematize standards) and so as CL /MAC (reflecting the ratio of reliability). In the suggested systemic approach the benchmark indices of the proposed HSW system are the values of the MAC. Standards for other media, including atmosphere air, may be only some compartments of MAC. The performed studies and calculations allowed to justify and implement the system approach into the practice of HS in Ukraine. There is need for further search for additional solutions in nonreachability of LC in the experiment, justification of standards for the population in the absence of MAC, comparison with the data of normative databases of other countries. It is necessary to introduce the value ofpermissible deviation from the requirements of the systemness, to embody conditions (1) - (7) into the general principle of the prohibition of greater deviation and to harmonize acting and newly introduced standards within frameworks of modern ideology and methods of HS of harmful substances. This opens up broad prospects for the new phase of HS and a significant increase in the reliability of results obtained by the various methods and in different laboratories.

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