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Vol 95, № 4 (2016)


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Estimation of the efficiency of the treatment of split-systems in residential areas in order to reduce the level of the prevalence of diseases of the respiratory system PDF
Rakhmanin Yu.A., Shibanov S.E., Kozulya Sergey V. 325-329
Hygienic aspects of electromagnetic pollution of indoor environment PDF
Gubernskiy Yu.D., Goshin Mikhail E., Kalinina N.V., Banin I.M. 329-335
Evaluation of migration ability of polychlorinated biphenyls in the «soil-plant» and «soil-earthworms» PDF
Baeva Yuliya I., Chernykh N.A. 336-339
Features of the content of movable forms of heavy metals and selenium in soils of the Yaroslavl region PDF
Bakaeva Evgeniia A., Eremeyshvili A.V. 339-343


Occupational risk assessment in modern conditions of exploitation of polyurethane foam industries PDF
Fedotova Irina V., Mikhaylova S.A., Ashirova S.A. 343-347
Results of dust factor in copper pyrometallurgy PDF
Adrianovskiy Vadim I., Lipatov G.Ya., Zebzeeva N.V., Kuzmina E.A. 347-350
Working conditions and the health state of female workers in dairy enterprises in various climatic condtions PDF
Rakitina Irina S., Lyapkalo A.A., Chudinin N.V. 351-355
The age and work experience dynamics of indices of health of employees as criteria for comparison of occupational and nonoccupational risks PDF
Sorokin Gennadiy A. 355-360
Workload of passenger train driver at different roads and driving regimes PDF
Kaptsov V.A., Kuzmin Vladimir A., Zhivaev A.S. 361-365
Identification of occupational risk for arterial hypertension. Report II: elimination of the modifyng influence of factors of cardiovascular risk PDF
Maksimov Sergey A., Skripchenko A.E., Mikhailuts A.P., Artamonova G.V. 365-369
Evaluation of the life quality of specialists in the social work with the use of the SF-36 questionnaire PDF
Antipova Evgeniya I., Shibkova D.Z. 369-375
Risk of the exposure of pesticides to workers and environment during the aerial treatments PDF
Artemova Olga V. 375-380
Assessment of extreme factors of shift work in Arctic conditions by workers with different regulatory processes PDF
Korneeva Yana A., Simonova N.N. 381-386


Hygienic evaluation of studies of preschoolers PDF
Kuchma V.R., Stepanova M.I., Sazanyuk Z.I., Aleksandrova Irina. E., Polenova M.A., Lashneva I.P., Berezina N.O. 387-391
Features of constitutional characteristics of young males aged of 17-20 years, natives of the Baikal region with regard to their functional groups of health PDF
Kolokoltsev Mikhail M. 392-396


Distribution of bacteria of the Klebsiella strain in water objects and their value in developing of the water caused acute intestinal infections PDF
Rakhmanin Yu.A., Ivanova L.V., Artyomova T.Z., Gipp E.K., Zagaynova Anzhelika V., Maksimkina T.N., Krasnyak A.V., Zhuravlev P.V., Aleshnya V.V., Panasovets O.V. 397-406


On the 120th anniversary of the outstanding scientist, the practice, the academician, the founder of hygienic disciplines Theodore G. Krotkov PDF

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