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Vol 96, № 2 (2017)


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Hygiene and the spectral energtic light pattern PDF
Kaptsov Valery A., Deynego V.N., SoshMn N.P., Ulasyuk V.N. 101-106
The approach to the regulation of mercury according to the content of its termoforms in soils and bed loads PDF
Bogdanov Nikolay A. 106-113
Biochemical protective mechanisms in the accumulation of heavy metals in organisms PDF
Petukhov A.S., Petukhova Galina A. 114-117
Impact of waste landfills in the Saratov region on the sanitary condition of the soil PDF
Eremin V.N., Reshetnikov Mikhail V., Sheshnev A.S. 117-121
Hygienic environmental assessment in the oil-and-gas bearing area on the base of cytogenetical and molecular-genetic methods PDF
Ilyinskikh N.N., Ilyinskikh E.N., Ilyinskikh I.N., Yankovskaya A.E., Saushkin Stanislav A. 121-124
Distribution of bacterial spores in supermarkets PDF
Tets Victor V., Tets G.V., Kardava K.M. 124-127
Disinfectant compositions on the basis of SAS - Vilagin - water systems PDF
Kudryashova Olga S., Aleksandrova G.A. 127-131
Evaluation of the functional state of the thyroid gland in women residing in the ecologically unfavorable Aral Sea region PDF
Kubaev A.B., Kultanov Berikbay Zh., Tauesheva Z.B., Serikbaeva A.A., Edilbaeva T.T., Turmukhambetova A.A., Dosmagambetova R.S. 131-133
Air pollution by particulate matter as the risk factor for the cardiovascular diseases PDF
Kolpakova Alla F., Sharipov R.N., Kolpakov F.A. 133-137
Complex technology for water and wastewater disinfection and its industrial realization in prototype unit PDF
Arakcheev Evgeny N., Brunman V.E., Brunman M.V., Konyashin A.V., Dyachenko V.A., Petkova A.P. 137-143
Ecological-hygienic evaluation of the environment of territories being adjacent to decultivated uranium mines PDF
Khanturina Gulnara R., Sakiev K.Z., Ibraeva L.K., Seytkasymova G.Zh., Fedorova I.A., Zhanbasinova N.M. 144-147
Analysis and discussion of seasonal dynamics of indices of chemical composition of water from some reservoirs of Uzbekistan PDF
Almatov Bakhrom I., Nuraliev N.A., Nuralieva Kh.O. 148-152


Major risk factors and cardiovascular disease prevalence among petrochemical workers PDF
Gimaeva Zulfiya F., Bakirov A.B., Kaptsov V.A., Karimova L.K. 152-155
Hygienic standardization of 2-formylphenoxyethane acid in the air of the working zone PDF
Martynova Nina A., Zakharenkov V.V., Oleshchenko A.M., Gorokhova L.G. 155-157


Hygienic principles of the design of the space and architectural environment of kindergartens PDF
Stepanova Marina I., Kuchma V.R. 158-161
Peculirities of physical development and state of the cardiovascular system in young males from various districts of Northeast of Russia PDF
Averyanova Inessa V., Maksimov A.L. 162-165
Hygienic estimation of functional reserves and adaptive capabilities of students PDF
Setko N.P., Bulycheva Ekaterina V., Beilina E.B. 166-170
Comparative characteristics of physical development of children and adolescents of the 1st and 2nd generation of European natives of the Magadan region PDF
Grechkina Lyudmila I., Karandasheva V.O. 171-176


Carbon nanotubes: mechanisms of the action, biological markers and evaluation of the (review of literature) PDF
Gmoshinsky Ivan V., Khotimchenko S.A., Riger N.A., Nikityuk D.B. 176-186


First municipal sanitary stations in Russia: history and main activities (to the 125th anniversary since foundation) PDF
Sherstneva Elena V. 187-189
Remarkable and jubilee dates of hygiene and sanitation in 2017. Historical and medical events PDF
, 189-191

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