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In the article, an overview of the information on the method and application technology of SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats) analysis is presented. The specific characters of the method, the object domain of its application, the task, the methodology are disclosed. An interesting idea is the scheme of the options used to achieve more complete benefit from the method. The strengths and the shortcomings of the SWOT analysis noted by experts in the field of its application are given. Further on, the authors propose an innovative technology for using the SWOT model to develop personalized forecasting, preservation, development, and management of health, based on the provisions of the functional direction of genetics - phenomics. The advantages of technology, the urgency of its application are revealed. The new technology is based on provisions of the development of the theory of the essential adaptation. To ensure the state of health the functioning level of the body’s systems must be consistent with the optimality, namely with their response norms, which determine the individual phenotype. In the process of the organism adaptation to the conditions of the external environment, the central nervous system (it’s a known fact) and the significant body system (the system with the maximum response norm), determining, respectively, the specific and nonspecific responses of the organism will be released by their activity. In the interaction of body systems, it is important to take the ordering into consideration. Dominant systems can actively involve other systems of the body to the process of adaptation according to the principle of the interaction with them, by strengthening or decreasing their activity. Taking into account the direction of interaction (inhibition, toning), this fact becomes important for understanding the pathogenesis of diseases, their targeted prevention, and treatment. A comprehensive record of the mechanisms of the formation of a specific and nonspecific reaction is used in the interest of identifying and effectively preventing functional disorders in the body. The SWOT analysis technology of personalized forecasting, preservation, development and health management eliminates the main drawbacks of SWOT analysis. On the other hand, the SWOT analysis technology helps to expand the range of application of phenomics, depending on the opportunities and threats of the environment.

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