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The health of employees is an integral part of the human potential of the organization, which has a special dual significance. On the one hand, this is a necessary condition for the realization of other components of human potential; on the other hand, it reflects the quality of the productive and social environment of the organization. The study of the psychosocial aspect of employee health is a relatively new area in the field of occupational medicine. The proposed work explores the psychosocial well-being of workers in industrial enterprises and the factors that determine it. The information base of the research is the results of a sociological survey of workers of four large industrial enterprises of the Republic of Bashkortostan: UMPO, UGOK, VNZM and Bashneft-service NPZ, as well as financial reports of enterprises and information published on their official websites. The general characteristics of enterprises are given, the method of coefficient analysis is used to evaluate their financial and economic well- being. In general, the respondents demonstrate a positive psychosocial well-being: more than 45% of respondents are completely satisfied with their lives, more than 70% of respondents assess their health as good or excellent, more than 60% of respondents do not consider the search for a new job a difficult task. Factor analysis of the psychosocial well-being of workers is performed by two methods: order regression and classification trees. A comparative analysis of the conclusions drawn as a result of the application of these methods showed that some of them coincide, while some of them differ. To select the preferred method, a comparison of the prediction accuracy was made, showing that both methods provide almost the same accuracy. Therefore, the reliable conclusions are those that are obtained using both methods, namely: self-estimation of health deteriorates while aging; men are more optimistic about their health compared to women; with age, the search for a new job is considered as an increasingly difficult task; men show greater satisfaction with life compared to women; the place of work has an effect on a degree of life satisfaction.

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