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The article “The peculiarities of students nutrition; psychosocial aspect” by I.M. Ilyicheva and E.N. Belous substantiates the actuality of the investigation of the nutrition of modern students from the point of view of the state strategic resource and upbringing tradition. Social, medical and biological and psycho-hygienic aspects are also discussed. In the introduction, there is considered the importance of the personal stability, responsibility, identity, spiritual and will development as the most important factors of healthy nutrition. The investigation is aimed to make a comparative analysis of the data concerning real nutrition of full-term student in 2009 and 2016. The investigation was performed at the base of the State Social Humanitarian University (Kolomna). In methods of the study, there were briefly described 3 stages: 1) the collection of information about the nutrition of students in 2009 at the base of the “Diary of nutrition” questionnaire, repeated data collection for the same category of subjects in 2016 and a stage of comparative analysis of the information received. The procedure for comparing the data included obtaining 1) general information describing the sample, 2) the number of meals per day, 3) the dominant food products, 4) the subjective assessment of one’s own health, 5)the usefulness and inadequacy of meals, 6) the time (part of the day) of full-fledged meal; The pattern of the comparison is the following: general score of subjects, the number of meals a day, the main products, the subjective value of health, the fullness of the menu, the time of eating. In results, there is noted, that the majority of students eats 4 times a day, about 30 percent have 3 meals a day and no one has more than 5 and less than 2 meals a day. 21 percent have a complete meal, but the rate of such students decreased to 13 percent in 2016. The number of students with a full meal increased in 2016. But they eat in the evening as a rule. The majority of students have snack twice a day in 2016.

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