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Introduction. The antidote of chloroquinoline derivative contains in the stuff of selective, post-emergence herbicide of systemic action against a broad spectrum of annual cereals weeds for one-time ground handings of spring and winter weed crops. Cultural cereals are protected by the presence of the antidote chlorhinoline derivative in the preparation. The aim of the study. To investigate the exploring chronic influence of the antidote chloroquinoline derivative in its multiple entering warm-blooded organisms (male rats) for finding out the kind of the biological influence, active and non-active doses, were conducted. Material and methods. White rats were used in the acute experiments (6 animals per group). Doses of 1000-7000 mg/kg were tested. The chronic experiment was executed on 80 rats. Doses of 0.4; 4.0 and 40 mg/kg were tested. The estimation of the animals behavior, food, and water consumption, terms of animals death was fixed, alterations in body weight, physiological, biochemical and hematological indices were registered in the experiment were conducted. Results. The evaluation of general behavior of animals received antidote in dose of 40.0 mg/kg gave such a result as the deviation in such indices as behavior responses and SPP, analysis of hematological and biochemical tests showed the alteration in lipid and lipoprotein metabolism; aminoalkyl metabolism; anaerobic glycolic to take place in animals’organisms. Conclusion. Indices of the acute peroral toxicity of antidote LD50 in male rats, peroral: 4349 ± 840 mg/kg b.w. hazard class - 4 according to hygienic pesticide classification on hazard class (SanPin 1.2.2584-10) were established. 2. Active 40,0 mg/kg and non-active (NOELch) 4,0 mg/kg the dose was established. 3. The admissible day dose (ADD) for a human of 0.04 mg/kg b.w. was justified.

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