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The article presents scientific evidence showing the role of extraaural manifestations in the course of professional sensorineural hearing loss in workers exposed to industrial noise. The leading place in the structure of concomitant pathology is occupied by circulatory diseases (44-75%), which have an average degree of professional conditionality, among which arterial hypertension dominates. A high percentage of people with high blood pressure is noted among underground miners (46.7%), mechanical engineering workers (45.5%). Diseases of the cardiovascular system potentiate the effect of noise and contribute to the earlier formation and progression of hearing loss, its progredient course, increase the risk of the occupational hearing loss. Changes in indices of central hemodynamics in the course of work can be considered as a universal adaptive response of the body to the exposure of environmental factors. Changes in the indices of the functional state of the cardiovascular system are combined with disorders of lipid metabolism, with an increase in the degree of exertion of regulatory systems and a decrease in the functional reserves of the body as the professional experience increases.

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