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In the article there are defined the main tasks of risk analysis and its main component - risk management, which make it possible to develop economically efficient measures, aimed at the impact reduction of environmental harmful factors for public health based on the analysis of market driven approaches «cost-benefit» and «cost-effectiveness». As well there are emphasized significant fundamental changes in the area of the legislative support of management activity, focused on sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population. The implementation of risk-focused approach to the practice of means of control and supervision to the government of Russian Federation is an integral part of control reformation system of different nature. The key problems of public health risk management in Russia are defined and the main ways of their solution are discussed. Thus, the development of reliable and scientifically based classifications of hazard level for objects requires clear criteria for supervision of assessing objects. Classes of business entities should reflect the leading risk factors, which discovered in the controlled areas. In the justification of risk from the probability (frequency) of violations of the mandatory requirements of sanitary legislation required the inventory of all consequences of the breach of sanitary legislation for each object of supervision and their ranking according to the degree of hazard. It is pointed out, that the movement towards to the technological regulation of air pollution emissions, including indicators of the Maximum Achievable Control Technology or (MACT) is a progressive management method, which requires an analysis with the use of MACT from the perspective of achieving acceptable risk levels, as well as an assessment of the effectiveness of alternative measures to reduce emissions, including MACT. It was noted, that on the basis of comparative risk analysis, it is possible to assess not only the risk to human health, but also the environmental risk to the ecosystem and its components, as well as the risk associated with the violation of the quality and living conditions. It is seen the interaction of concerned parties in the development of solutions management of health risks from environmental factors.

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