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Introduction. The paper presents the authors’ view on the psychohygiene of the activity in entrepreneurs under which, on the one hand, the assessment of the business environment, on the other one - psycho-prevention and psycho-correction measures to preserve the mental health of the subjects engaged in business are understood. These conditions included economic, psychological, social aspects of entrepreneurship, which tend to cumulate, lead to a blockade of the ability and opportunities for self-development of the individual and subsequently to the emotional burnout syndrome of entrepreneurs. The peculiarities of psycho-correction work and the methods of preventing the emotional burnout syndrome were revealed. Results and their discussion. Among those who appealed for counseling, 67.9% of the entrepreneurs felt psychoemotional, physical and intellectual overloads. The starting mechanism for the formation of preneurotic sub-depressive states included maladaptation in relation to the professional role performed. However, the development of the emotional burnout syndrome is a reversible process, which, in turn, allows being successfully leveled using psychotherapy and psycho-correction. Conclusion. In the development of psycho-prevention and psycho-correction measures to preserve the mental health of the subjects engaged in business, the following ones are fundamental: the work with the entrepreneur to understand his emotional problem, identifying the source of stress from the position of self-organization, training the entrepreneur to grade stress, transforming the problems in favor of his own development. Primary psycho-prevention helps to predict the impact of negative factors on the psyche of entrepreneurs, the secondary one forms the correct perception of negative circumstances and the ability to cope with stress. Time management, the correct organization of the workplace, knowledge of modern technologies enhances the psycho-correction effect. In addition, the basic model of psychological aid to entrepreneurs should be complemented by anti-stress management training.

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