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Introduction. The article “Hygienic rationale for the use of specialized food products in the diet of athletes” is presented on the issue of the hygienic justification for the use of specialized food products of domestic and foreign production in the nutrition of athletes that promote their adaptive capabilities to physical and neuro-emotional stress and achieving high sports results that must meet hygiene safety requirements and nutritional value established in the Russian Federation by the sanitary rules and regulations and the technical regulations of the Customs Union and EurAsEC. Material and methods. Specialized food products for the nutrition of athletes are allowed for production, storage, transportation, and sale after their state registration on the basis of the results of the hygienic assessment of the quality and safety of products in accordance with existing regulatory documents. Results. The balance of nutrients, the given nutritional and energy value, allowing to carry out the metabolism with maximum directed efficiency, is the main characteristic of the products of sports nutrition. To confirm the effectiveness of protein-carbohydrate products, studies were conducted on the basis of the Moscow Region team of bodybuilding and fitness with the methodological support of the Moscow Bodybuilding Federation and Fitness Federation. Discussion. The hygienic evaluation of specialized products for nutrition of athletes is carried out within the framework of the sanitary and epidemiological expertise for compliance with regulatory requirements for the quality and safety of the current technical regulations of the Customs Union, as well as relevant regulatory legal acts. Conclusion. It is necessary to further improve the regulatory framework governing the production, storage, transportation, sale, quality and safety of specialized food products for athletes; to development a scientific methodology for the risk management in the system of ensuring the safety and quality of food for athletes, including their analysis, identification and evaluation; the conformity of the structure of nutrition and the developed rations to physical and emotional loads of sports activities, the individual physiological characteristics of each athlete and the modes of sports training.

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