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In modern conditions, there are unacceptable risks of harm from exposure to hazardous chemical and biological factors for public health and the environment. The complexity and scale of environmental and hygiene problems that directly or indirectly affect the state of the nation’s health require active action on priority strategically important areas. One, of which is the waste management system, which can cope with the growing volumes and species diversity of waste. The components of the public health risk caused by the formation, accumulation, recycling, and disposal of wastes are the factors of the negative complex impact on the environment during inter-environment migration of pollutants. Solid municipal waste landfills are sources of long-term negative environmental impact due to the receipt of a highly toxic filtrate and biogas containing greenhouse gases and toxic substances. The aim of the study was to investigate the effect of chemicals entering the atmospheric air from polygons with an assessment of the health risks. Studies have been conducted for a landfill located near and serving the largest urbanized area in the region. The methodology of risk assessment in accordance with R. “Guidelines for the assessment of risk to public health in the impact of chemicals polluting the environment” has been applied. In the course of the study, a list of chemicals entering the atmospheric air during the life cycle and production activities of the landfill was determined based on the evaluation and analytical method. The risk assessment methodology applied in the waste management system allowed calculating of individual carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic risks, as well as hazard indices when exposed to critical organs and systems and to develop further tactics for conducting monitoring in the areas in the zone affected by the test site.

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