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In the course of the experimental part, physicochemical methods of analysis were used to assess the qualitative and quantitative composition of the hydrolyzed form of collagen, as well as a polarographic method for determining the sorption characteristics of the hydrolyzed form of collagen in physiological conditions. In determining alimentary correction properties of products enriched with iodinated collagen hydrolyzate there were carried out experiments on warm-blooded animals under conditions of experimental hypothyroidism. Results and discussion. In the course of the research, conditions similar to the internal environment of the human gastrointestinal tract were simulated according to the following parameters: pH, the concentration of digestive enzymes, internal temperature. The sorption of cations in an acidic medium was found to amount to for lead-0.213, cadmium -0.204, in an alkaline medium: lead-0.246, cadmium-0.224. Data describing the detoxifying effect of collagen hydrolysate in relation to ions of heavy metals in conditions simulating the physiological have shown that the ability to adsorb heavy metals is comparable with plant-characteristic of dietary fibers (cellulose). The possibility of obtaining collagen hydrolysate-iodine complexes resistant to the action of technological factors are studied. The conditions of iodization of the obtained hydrolyzed form of collagen and the loss of iodine in heat treatment were determined. The results of the evaluation of alimentary-corrective properties of collagen-iodine hydrolysate complex used as a prescription component of meat in semi-finished products showed the possibility of elimination of iodine-deficient states in experiments on warm-blooded animals. Conclusion. The sorption effect of the hydrolyzed form of collagen of animal origin against heavy metal cations is proved and a hypothetical model of sorption is proposed. The resulting product of hydrolysis of collagen can be used as a component of food systems, with the binding and excretion of heavy metal ions, as well as an immobilization matrix for the delivery of biologically active substances, such as iodine.

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