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Introduction. Female employees composing of 49% of the total engaged population, work in conditions that do not meet sanitary and hygienic standards, which lead to impaired health and reducing working longevity. The purpose of the study is to analyze the occupational morbidity (OM) of the female population employed in the main industries of the Irkutsk Region. Material and methods. The analysis of the OM for 2006-2018, working conditions of female workers of the Irkutsk Region was carried out. The alignment of the dynamic range was used for OM analyzing. The results are presented by intensive and extensive variables, average, and minimum and maximum values. Results. Three time periods of the OM level formation were established: growth (2006-2010), stagnation (2011-2014) and decrease (2015-2018). During the growth period, infectious diseases (27.6%), respiratory diseases (19.5%), and organs of hearing (18.9%) prevailed in the OM structure in women. On the background of the OM indices decrease, a statistically significant increase in respiratory diseases, vibration disease, and infectious diseases, and also an increase of the occupational diseases’ share among women employed in the processing of woods, production of aircraft, and metallurgical industry is observed. The largest number of OM cases is registered at the privately-owned enterprises - 46.4 [32.3-73.3] %. Conclusion. OM dynamics are characterized by a significant decrease, however, an increase in the proportion of occupational diseases registered in women among all newly detected cases. Women employed in health care, wood processing, ship and aircraft manufacturing, metallurgy, power generation, transmission, and distribution are most at risk of developing occupational diseases. The current situation is a consequence of the long accumulation and unresolved problems of ensuring safe working conditions and requires the adoption of systemic measures aimed at the preservation of women’s health.

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