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Health assessment of workers of four meat processing plants in the Republic of Moldova in the 2011-2015 was carried out. The analysis of temporary disability showed the incidence the respiratory diseases (13.9±1.3 cases for 134.0±17.1 days per 100 workers) to prevail in the structure of disability), followed by the diseases of circulatory system (5.90±0.52 cases and 85.0±9.0 days per 100 workers) as well as the diseases of bone and muscular system (3.54±0.67 cases and 55.2±12.9 days per 100 workers), and diseases of digestive system (3.11±0.44 cases and 45.9±6.2 days of 100 workers) and injuries, poisonings and some other consequences of the influence of the external factors (3.02±0.40 cases and 48.8±10.3 days per 100 workers). Indices of the frequency and severity showed a tendency to fall. The index of diseases prevalence showed on average annually decreasing by 6.7 cases per 100 workers (R2 = 0.95), and an index of the duration of diseases for 77.0 days per 100 workers (R2 = 0,95). The meat processing plants suffered from economic losses because of the temporary disability of workers in the amount of 1892434.25 lei/107009.6 dollars. The obtained data indicate the need for the development and implementation of preventive measures.

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