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The data presented in the article show the results of the research of educational conditions and adaptive capabilities of students of secondary vocational education training as operators of woodworking machines at the beginning and at the end of the apprenticeship. The value of microclimate indices was revealed to go beyond the allowable level (the indices of temperature were from 25.8C° to 26.3C° while the airspeed was from 0.00 to 0.02 m/sec and the relative humidity reached 34%. The artificial illumination of the working surface on several machines doesn’t match the hygienic requirements (500 lx) and fluctuates from 205 lx to 305 lx. The volume level in the workshop during the work of woodworking machines varies from 79 to 86 db. And wherein, the time regulation and the using of means of collective and individual protection are not implemented right along. In accordance with the Jan Strelau classification genetically determined types of higher nervous activity define organism adaptabilities to the changes of environmental conditions. Students were divided into less adopted (melancholic, choleric, sanguine choleric, melancholic choleric) and more adopted (phlegmatic, sanguine, phlegmatic sanguine, phlegmatic melancholic) groups. Student’s adaptive capabilities were evaluated by indices of cardio-respiratory synchronism test. At the end of the apprenticeship student’s regulatory adaptive capabilities were revealed to decrease. Thereby the regulatory adaptive status index of students training as operators of woodworking machines was decreased by 65.3% in the less adopted group, and by 57.1% in the more adopted group. During the apprenticeship, the complex on unfavorable factors (including professional, caused by the specificity of the chosen occupation) affects the student organism. The index of unfavorable factors influence, depending on vocational training conditions is the integrative estimation of the functional state of the student organism, determining by cardio-respiratory synchronism test parameters.

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