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Introduction. One of the main reasons for the complaints of the population about the poor air quality is an unpleasant odor. The purpose of this study was to determine the sources of emissions into the air of harmful pollutants with an olfactory effect on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of official materials: complaints of the population, data on weather conditions, the results of the determination of pollutants at automatic stations, urban situation, data on atmospheric emissions of pollutants of the main enterprises and calculations of their dispersion. Material and Methods. The database included a map materials, 2171 meteorological data, 576 complaints, more than 100 thousand data about air pollution, information about the emission sources of pollutants and their dispersion for 13 industrial enterprises. The principles of geostatistical analysis, (inverse) weighted distance method, time-series study were used to process the data. Results. As a result of the time-series analysis of complaints about the presence of odors in the air, taking into account the recorded wind directions, there were determined areas of the alleged location of sources of emissions of pollutants with olfactory effect. They were the territories located mainly to the South, North-West, and North (smell of hydrogen sulfide), to the West and South (chemical smell) of the residential zone. The time- series analysis of hydrogen sulfide concentrations and recorded wind directions showed that possible emission sources are located to the South of the residential zone. Assessment of the composition and volume of emissions of pollutants of enterprises and calculation of their dispersion made it possible to establish the main source of release of pollutants with the smell of hydrogen sulfide to be the landfill of municipal solid waste. For the chemical smell, both other substances and directions of the sources can be defined approximately. Conclusion. The proposed approaches allow determining the areas of the location of the sources of emissions of harmful pollutants with olfactory effect into the air, and in some cases, the priority enterprise.

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