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Introduction. Modern surgery is a complex, multifaceted area of medicine that plays an important role in the struggle for health, working capacity and human life. In recent years, in surgery, much attention has been paid to the improvement and development of new surgical equipment, including that based on ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, its application range being widened, which allows patients being provided with high-tech and less traumatic procedures. However, the use of such equipment resulted in the appearance of new adverse occupational factors of ionizing and non-ionizing nature at the workplaces of surgical team members, which can have a negative effect on the personnel. Material and methods. Data of x-ray and laser radiation level studies at the workplaces of medical personnel in modern operating rooms are reported. Results. Total normalized power of the effective x-ray dose during the use of x-ray surgical unit at the workplaces of surgical teams in most cases was revealed not to exceed allowable dose rate, while in the process of certain procedures, such as vessel embolization, it can exceed allowable levels. The total annual effective radiation exposure dose of x-ray surgery teams depends on the number of performed operations, their type, complexity, and can exceed a basic radiation dose limit for A and B group personnel. The intensity of diffusely reflected laser radiation at workplaces of surgeons can significantly exceed maximum allowable levels, sometimes up to 600 times. Discussion. Considering an ever-gaining use of high-tech equipment generating laser and X-ray radiation and increasing number of exposed medical personnel, hygienic assessment of these radiation levels at workplaces of surgical team members and development of measures to improve working conditions is an important issue for maintaining workers’ health. Conclusion. To assess the occupational risk degree to the health of surgeons it is necessary to conduct in-depth studies of their health status.

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