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Introduction. University pedagogical activity and unfavorable factors typical for the educational process have a negative impact on the health and contribute to the morbidity of teachers.

Objective. To evaluate the influence of occupational activity on the resistance of the body of medical school teachers.

Material and Methods. Objects of study: teachers of Karaganda Medical University of three age categories (up to 30 years, 30-49 years and 50 years or more). An analysis of the incidence was carried out on sheets of temporary disability. The sociological survey was conducted on the questionnaires to assess the preventive, medical activity and self-assessment of the teachers’ own health. Statistical processing was made with the use of Statistica 8.0.

Results. The incidence rate of university professors with temporary disability due to underestimated cases of diseases was revealed to be hidden (latent) in nature. A questionnaire survey revealed that 66.6% ÷ 85.0% of respondents had health problems. Only half of the respondents (55.6 ÷ 45.7%) rated their state of health as good, but this rating decreased with age (21.9%). According to nosology, in the structure of diseases among teachers of medical schools in the second and third age groups (30-49 years and 50 years and more), diseases of the cardiovascular system (52.6% and 61.9%, respectively), the musculoskeletal system (55.3% and 47.6%), the digestive system (36.4% ÷ 42.9%). The main reasons for the low level of health and the high incidence of medical teachers were: insufficient physical activity, poor nutrition, insufficient attention to their own health, failure to comply with treatment-and-prophylactic recommendations, self-treatment.

Conclusion. An assessment of the resistance of an organism of university teachers in terms of incidence rates with a temporary disability, based on disability records, cannot be a reliable criterion. Using sociological methods of a questionnaire survey allows getting reliable information about the true incidence rates, identifying the causes of their growth, and can also be a related tool in the development of medical and preventive measures aimed at preserving the health of university teachers.

Для цитирования: Смагулов Н.К., Евневич А.М., Адилбекова А.А., Гитенис Н.В. Образовательный процесс и здоровье преподавателей медицинского университета. Гигиена и санитария. 2020; 99 (2): 163-168. DOI:

For citation: Smagulov N.K., Evnevich A.M., Adilbekova A.A., Gitenis N.V. Educational process and health of medical university teachers. Gigiena i Sanitaria (Hygieneand Sanitation, Russian journal). 2020; 99(2): 163-168. (In Russ.). DOI:


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