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The change in living conditions and the intensity of the educational process affect the health of students, so it is required that the standards and standards of physical development should be regularly updated. 2439 students including 1107 boys and 1432 girls from four Universities of Ufa were involved in the survey. It is provided a representative sample of the volume using the correlation method and it is allowed developing table-standards for assessing the physical development of students. The correlation dependence of the average degree between body length and body weight was established (the value of the correlation coefficient varies from 0.32 to 0.59 among boys and from 0.3 to 0.51 among girls). The correlation mainly averages between height and chest circumference among boys aged 18 years (r =0.52), 20 years (r =0.45); and among girls – at the age of 17 (r =0.32), 22 (r =0.32). Out of the total number of tested cases, average physical development of male students was 68.45% and 68.82% in female students; 13.33% of male students and 13.13% of female students showed this index below average; 14.85% of male students and 13.29% of female students had this index above average; low physical development was observed in 1.85% of male students and 3.3% of female students; high physical development could be found among 1.52% of male students and 1.46% of female students. Analysis of the body mass index of the tested students indicates 76.0% of boys and 68.84% of girls to be characterized as having a physiologically normal state, excess body weight is observed in 10.5% of boys and 4.82% of girls (p<0.05). Regional approaches to the study of physical development are justified from the standpoint of expanding the allRussian system of monitoring the state of physical development of students, planning recreational activities in the activities of higher education institutions, regional and municipal health systems and education; individualization of the process of physical education; construction of state programs in the field of youth political and sports.

Для цитирования: Ахмадуллин У.З., Горбаткова Е.Ю., Ахмадуллина Х.М. Характеристика показателей физического развития студентов вузов г. Уфы. Гигиена и санитария. 2020; 99 (2): 169-175. DOI:

For citation: Akhmadullin U.Z., Gorbatkova E.Yu., Akhmadullina Kh.M. Characteristics of indices of physical development of students of universities of the city of Ufa. Gigiena i Sanitaria (Hygiene and Sanitation, Russian journal). 2020; 99(2): 169-175. (In Russ.). DOI:


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