ISSN: 1560-9561 (Print); 2413-2918 (Online)
Russian Pediatric Journal
Rossiiskii Pediatricheskii Zhurnal
Launch Year: 1998
Frequency: 6 issues per year

The Russian Pediatric Journal is a leading scientific and practical periodical aimed at a broad spectrum of pediatricians. The journal covers priority issues in the areas of child healthcare and social pediatrics, including different aspects of pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnostics, treatment, and prevention of various pediatric diseases. It publishes original studies, clinical and experimental works on novel issues in pediatrics, bioethics, teaching methods, and the history of Russian pediatrics, as well as information on international scientific conferences, symposia, and anniversaries.
The journal is a platform for PhD candidates seeking to publish major results from their Kandidat Nauk and Doktor Nauk theses in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and public healthcare. The Editorial Council includes renowned researchers and pediatricians of all branches of pediatrics. The Russian Pediatric Journal is registered in the Ulrich’s International Periodical Directory. All submitted articles (complete with an abstract in Russian and English and a list of key words) are peer-reviewed by leading experts.

The journal is aimed at a wide spectrum of pediatricians. It is distributed among Russian medical libraries, including the Central Scientific Medical Library, the Fundamental Library of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and the libraries of Russia’s largest medical universities.

The journal is following publishing and journal best practices of these organizations: