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Quality of healthcare on the first year of life in the outpatient setting was evaluated by availability of obligatory data in medical forms of 230 13-year-old children (group I) and 210 3-year-old children (group II): body weight and body length at birth and at the age of 12 months, the duration of breastfeeding. There was executed the assessment of the quality of medical care for infants of the first year of life in a children's polyclinic according to the presence in the form 112/u data that are mandatory for the reflection: body weight and body length at birth, duration of the natural feeding, body weight and body length at the age of 12 months. By means of the method of continuous sampling, forms 112 /u have been selected for 230 children of 13 years and 210 children of 3 years (440 in total). Anthropometric parameters at birth are reflected in the majority of children: weight at birth is not reflected only in 2.9% of children in group 1 and in 0.9% of children in group 2; the birth body length is not indicated in 3.8% and 1.3% of children, respectively. At the age of 12 months anthropometric data were absent in 15.7% (for weight) and 18.1% (length) of children in group 1 and 20.4% (for weight) and 21.3% (length) in the 2nd group of children. Thus, practically in 20% of children it is impossible to estimate the level of physical development at the age of 1 year. In those cases when anthropometric indices were reflected, in more than 80% of children an analysis of physical development was not executed. The duration of breastfeeding was not reported in 22.9% of children of group I and in 45.7% of group II. 3.0% of children are formula-feeding from the birth but calculation of the formula was not found. Complete blood count during the first year of life was not performed in 4.8% of children of group I and in 1.7% of children of group II. Parents of children from the group I refused vaccination in 5.2% of cases. During ten years, the failure rate increased up to 11.7%. In no case, the waiver was attached to medical forms.

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