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Introduction. The State strategy for the development of a healthy lifestyle of the population defines the goals, objectives and principles of public health policy, but needs to specified in relation to children. Materials and methods. There was an expert and analytical study. Materials of the analysis included Strategy of development of healthy lifestyle for the population by the Ministry of health of Russia and practices of the design of healthy lifestyle intervention for children. Results. The strategy for the formation of healthy lifestyle of the population, prevention, and control of non-communicable diseases for the period up to 2025 include the need to develop and implement measures aimed at the formation of a healthy lifestyle in children and young people; improving the effectiveness of teaching the basics of healthy lifestyle and prevention of non-communicable diseases in the school curriculum; developing and implementing a set of measures to prevent suicide among minors; improving the system of children’s nutrition in educational institutions, conducting applied and fundamental research in the field of public health. The development of children’s healthy lifestyle must be carried out in the course of their education. The introducing students to the problem of the care for their health includes a process of socialization and education, during which the child must receive the knowledge about the process of the development of their body, an interaction with social factors, acquirement skills of caring for their own health and its protection, and being to form an attitude to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The development of a healthy, physically active lifestyle should begin on the basis of the example set by parents. The formation of a healthy lifestyle of children advanced by the activities of educational institutions included in the Russian network of schools that promote health. Health-promoting school technologies are to be extended to all educational institutions. Presented indices can be used to assess the results of the Strategy and plans for its implementation in the field of the formation of healthy lifestyle. The indices allow choosing the specific programs and projects for the region, municipality, educational organization. Conclusion. The development of a healthy lifestyle of the population should be carried out from childhood based on a special plan taking into account the growth and development patterns of children, their behavior in relation to their own health, and places of residence, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

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