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Orlova O.M., The center of ophthalmology of the Federal medical biological agency of Russia 123098, Moscow, Russia ophthalmologist of the center of opthalmology of the Federal medical biological agency of Russia orlitos@mail.ru

Orlova-Morozova E.A., The Moscow oblast center of prevention and struggle against AIDS and infectious diseases Russia

Ostrovskii A.N., The federal institute of mediation 117997 Moscow, Russia a.ostrovskiy@fedim.ru

Ostrovsky A.N., The state budget institution «The Federal institute of mediation» of Minobrnauka of Russia 117997, Moscow, Russia candidate of medical sciences, researcher at the State Budget Institution «The Federal Institute of Mediation» a.ostrovskiy@fedim.ru

Ozerova K.A., The Federal state autonomous educational institution of higher professional education «The Kazan (Privolzhskiy) federal university» 420008, Kazan, Russia

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