ISSN: 1728-2810 (Print); 2413-2942 (Online)

Launch Year: 2002
Frequency: 2 issues per year

OAO Izdatelstvo Meditsina,
I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University,
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

The Sociology of Medicine Journal is aimed at science workers, medical professionals, sociologists, healthcare officials, health managers of all levels, educators, postgraduate students, residents and students studying humanities in universities.
The journal covers a wide range of scientific and practical issues, including theoretical aspects of sociology of medicine, results of research into demographic processes and morbidity patterns, trends of human health formation and preservation in the context of working and living conditions. Among other topics are analysis of conditions and factors influencing the health of various social, demographic and professional population groups as well as active promotion of public health.
The journal contains various sections including Theory and Methodology, Sociology of a Medical Profession, Patient Sociology, Sociological Aspects of Healthcare, and Sociological Studies in Medicine.
The Sociology of Medicine Journal is the first and only specialized periodical devoted to sociology of medicine as a scientific discipline (14.02.05 — Medical and Sociological Sciences). It publishes material and thesis results of candidates for Kandidat Nauk and Doktor Nauk academic degrees. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the journal editors.
The Sociology of Medicine Journal plans to unite theorists and practicians – those whose profession demands interpretation of the role and place of the healthcare system in the context of sociology. One of the journal’s sections will cover “health insurance” in a broader sense, i.e. aiding the population in realizing the necessity of positive lifestyle changes, maintaining the desire for aforementioned changes, developing skills and abilities necessary for leading a healthy life, and creating environments that facilitate quality of life and public health improvement. Information of this kind might also be of interest to a broader readership.

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