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The barriers of health preservation of rural population with occupational diseases


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The results of study of external and internal factors interfering with health saving of rural population with occupational diseases are presented. The barriers of implementation of available health saving strategies to rural residents are determined of the basis of national and foreign data and original study carried out using questionnaire survey as well. The sampling included 297 patients with occupational diseases and treated in hospital of the Saratov research institute of rural hygiene clinic. The gender distribution of sampling consisted of 196 males and 101 females. The age range consisted 35-62 years. The relationship of factors effecting health saving of rural population with occupational diseases is examined. It is determined that the most significant barriers of health saving of rural residents with occupational pathology include remoteness of medical centers with professional medical personnel and reliable diagnostic base, low living standards of rural population, absence of financial opportunity to use paid medical care, alteration of social status and attitude of staff and relatives in case of diagnosis.

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